St. Louis worries lockout could hurt his career


Martin St. Louis has surpassed the 70-point mark for six straight seasons, but even with his abilities, taking a significant chunk of time off from hockey at his age could be problematic.

That’s especially true for a guy like St. Louis, who would rather finish on top than play until he can’t get another NHL contract.

When the subject of retirement comes up, the first thing St. Louis tells his wife “is I don’t want to fade away. I want to finish with a bang,” according to a Tampa Bay Times report.

He has a family and it would reportedly cost up to $70,000 a month to insure his NHL contract if he wants to play in Europe, so while he hasn’t ruled out the option, there are factors keeping him in Tampa Bay. However, unless he signs with a European club, he can’t do much more than than skate and practice until this lockout ends.

“It’s tough,” St. Louis said. “I know I can play a few more years in this league. I don’t feel I’m at the end of my rope. But obviously I have to make sure that I keep sharpening my skills, stay sharp with my training. I have to get on the ice somehow.”

St. Louis feels ready to go this season and he’s under contract through 2014-15. Still, he is concerned about what impact this lockout will have on what’s left of his career.

“I’ve always been a big part of the teams I’m on,” St. Louis said. “I want to go out that way.”