Online bookmaker: 2/1 odds of new CBA before Nov. 2


Online sports book Bovada is offering 2/1 odds the owners and players will reach a new CBA before Nov. 2 and 1/3 odds it’ll be Nov. 2 or after.

Which is to say, Bovada doesn’t think a full 82-game season is likely, since a new CBA would surely need to be ratified by Nov. 2, if not earlier, for that to occur.

On the bright side, Bovada’s only willing to give 4/7 odds that the lockout will stretch past Dec. 31.

Not that site’s odds have been gospel when it comes to the NHL’s labor dispute. In June, it offered 1/5 odds a new agreement would be reached before the Sept. 15 expiration of the old CBA and 3/1 odds there’d be a lockout.

If only we had access to Gary Bettman’s betting account.

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