Alex Ovechkin calls NHL’s recent actions “a deception”


Alex Ovechkin has been particularly critical of the NHL throughout the lockout and that certainly hasn’t changed in light of this week’s events. The NHL recently presented the union with a new offer, and then promptly rejected the NHLPA’s counter proposals.

Since then, both sides have spent plenty of time speaking to the media, but it doesn’t look like they’ve done any meaningful negotiating.

“The NHL gave fans and media hope. But in reality it is a deception,” said Ovechkin, according to TSN. “The league is trying to show that it is working to try and save the season, but they are not offering anything new. It’s all the same.

“Owners and players are at war. Bettman is under heavy pressure and trying to protect himself from criticism. Yes he made an offer and said it was good. But good for who, for Bettman?”

Ovechkin took this opportunity to reiterate his previous claim that he might decide to stay in the KHL depending on what the next CBA looks like.

“I said it before, before I sign a contract, if the league decides to cut our salaries and cut our contracts for what they want, I don’t know how many guys will be coming back,” Ovechkin said.