Patrick Kane is rather zen about labor negotiations


We’ve gotten plenty of grumpy words from some of the players regarding labor negotiations. Sidney Crosby, Jonathan Toews, and Zach Parise have spoken their mind brashly while Ryan Miller had more of an optimistic approach.

Chicago’s Patrick Kane is going in a bit of a different direction as he tells Tracey Myers of Instead of fire and brimstone or positive talk, he’s going the zen route.

“It’s to be expected. It’s not going to be one of those things where, after an offer, we’re going to lay down or after our proposal they’re going to lay down,” Patrick Kane said. “But you still have to look at the positive. Something’s out there; something’s being worked on to be negotiated. You can’t get too up and down in this process.”

That kind of take from Kane reminds me of Dave “Killer” Carlson in “Slap Shot” when he becomes a zen-master of his own kind at the end of the film.

Still, seeing a reasonable approach from guys like Kane while others get caught up in the heated war of words helps make the process of getting this figured out a bit more bearable. Level-headed talk is what will get a deal done.