Ryan Miller believes two sides “are closer to making a deal than they were before”


Unlike Shawn “I am worried for the season, I’m really worried” Horcoff, Sabres goalie Ryan Miller is still optimistic that the NHL and NHLPA will reach a new CBA sooner than later.

In fact, despite yesterday’s “step backward,” he’s even more hopeful now than he was last week.

Miller shared his view of the situation via text message with Josh Rimer of XM Radio.

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Miller may have a point. As James Mirtle of the Globe and Mail notes, the two sides have at least agreed to get to a 50-50 revenue split. The difference is the NHL wants to get there right away and the NHLPA wants to get there gradually.

If one option is to bridge that relatively small gap (“small” compared to the enormous gulf that led to the cancellation of the 2004-05 season) and the other is to lose another entire season, surely the two sides can find a way to make a deal.


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