Good news (sort of): NHL only cancels games to Nov. 1


The NHL isn’t ready to give up on the possibility of playing a full 82-game season.

Not publicly at least.

According to TSN, the league is expected today to cancel games up to Nov. 1 – which may sound like bad news (and it’s not awesome news), but it also leaves open the potential for a full season to start on Nov. 2.

[Update: It’s official — 135 regular-season games canceled, from Oct. 11 through Nov. 1.]

There’s been speculation that a large chunk of games could be canceled as the NHL and NHLPA continue to argue over terms of a new CBA.

Such a drastic move, in addition to sending a message to the players, would allow those owners who also own or control their arenas to book alternative events (concerts, etc.) to ease the loss of hockey-related revenue.

But apparently we’re not there yet.

Take it away, Lloyd Christmas…