Shane Doan compares NHL’s offer to getting held up


One thing you can bank on after the two sides in this labor fight part ways after proposals are rejected is for someone to say something a bit over the top.

Enter Coyotes captain Shane Doan.

Doan met with the media after the NHLPA’s media scrum following today’s acrimonious meeting between the two sides and said while he was hoping things would’ve gone better, dealing with the owners is like getting held up.

“Usually [it’s] give me your money or I’m going to hurt you. Not give me your money and I’m going to hurt you.”

It’s hard to picture Gary Bettman, Bill Daly, and Jeremy Jacobs as guys with ski masks on and lead pipes in hand ready to take your money, but this is the picture Doan paints after a rough day at the office with the league.

Crazy part in all this is after all the hard talk from everyone, we’re actually closer to finding a resolution than not. There’s a framework to deal with and if the two sides can figure out the mathematics, there will be hockey. Til then, we’ll have to amuse ourselves with the exotic verbiage.