Thursday’s CBA meeting will take place in Toronto

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Echoing Tuesday’s reports, the next set of CBA meetings will indeed take place on Thursday. To be exact, they’re scheduled for 1 pm ET in Toronto, according to Sportsnet’s John Shannon and other outlets.

Again, the NHLPA is expected to bring its counter-offer to the table during that meeting.

NHLPA head Donald Fehr expressed some misgivings with the owners’ proposal, which was shared with the public earlier today.

Thursday’s meeting takes place a week from a crucial deadline. If the NHL hopes to play an altered 82-game season as Gary Bettman hopes, the two sides need to reach a deal by Oct. 25.

Tomorrow could be a huge step in either a positive or negative direction as far as that goal is concerned.

Still, as the NBA lockout revealed, failing to meet that mark doesn’t mean an entire season would be lost.

Antsy fans probably don’t want to picture going through additional weeks (if not months) of haggling, though.