Kevin Smith on the lockout: “Honor the game”


Director Kevin Smith has been associated with hockey ever since characters from “Clerks” played a rooftop game, so it only makes sense that ESPN carried his thoughts on the lockout.

“Silent Bob” voiced opinions carried by many fans, asking that the NHL and NHLPA put their issues aside and “honor the game.”

The most interesting bit came in his final thoughts, where the New Jersey native surprisingly implied that his rooting interests now lie with the Los Angeles Kings:

“You should never have a lockout. You fight if you must. You work without a contract. But stop play all together? I’m 42 years old and I’ve seen enough hockey to exist a year or two without. But what happens to your kids? My [Los Angeles] Kings just won the Stanley Cup but now there is no hockey. How do you explain that to a 9-year-old? I get it. It’s a money game. People got to get paid. It’s the beautiful simplicity based on people saying, ‘I need my cut, my percentage.’ I get it. People want to make money. But they need to think about the audience. Without the audience, you ain’t got no money.”

And Smith knows his audience.