Report: Ohlund’s rehabbing, but future remains uncertain


Mattias Ohlund didn’t play at all last season and even if the lockout ended today, he wouldn’t be able to play.

He underwent serious knee surgery over the summer and his future is still very much in doubt. He’s rehabbing, but he won’t necessarily be able to continue his hockey career, according to the Tampa Tribune’s Erik Erlendsson.

Ohlund previously reinforced the fact that he still has hope, but at the time he admitted that he doesn’t know what the “end result will be.”

Ohlund turned 36 on Sept. 9, but he does have four seasons left on his contract with the Tampa Bay Lightning, including the 2012-13 campaign. He comes with a cap hit of $3,607,143, but his contract was somewhat front-loaded, so he was scheduled to earn $5 million this season compared to $3 million over the final two years of the deal.