Duncan Keith says lockout is “embarrassing for everybody”


While the NHL and NHLPA take the weekend off to think about the mess they’ve gotten themselves into, Chicago’s Duncan Keith is sounding off.

The Blackhawks defenseman spoke with CSNChicago.com’s Tracey Myers and sounded a lot like a fan of the game in sharing his thoughts on the lockout.

“It’s just embarrassing for everybody,” said Keith. “There’s a lot of talk for the fans. They’re the ones who don’t have a voice and aren’t being heard in these negotiations. It’s tough on them, but it’s frustrating for players.”

We’re at the point in the lockout where winning a PR battle doesn’t make any sense. Regular season games are being lost and neither side is trying to compromise. Keith calling the situation “embarrassing” is as blunt as anyone has been about the situation. Sadly for everyone involved, he’s pretty much spot on.

As for whether he’s heading to Europe like many other players have done (over 130 at this point), he says he’s not thinking about doing that just yet.