Malhotra: “If you just want to bury your head,” you’re missing out


While many NHLers have decided to spend the lockout playing hockey elsewhere, Canucks forward Manny Malhotra has been intimately involved in the CBA talks between the NHLPA and owners.

Wednesday and Thursday, for example, he was in New York as part of the union’s negotiating team.

The 32-year-old calls his participation in the meetings “an incredible learning experience” and believes those players who aren’t partaking are missing out.

“If you just want to bury your head and just go to the rink and play hockey and do nothing else, you’re missing a world of the behind the scenes of what really goes into a CBA, what goes into the makeup of the league, how the league operates,” he tells the Associated Press.

Was that a “veiled shot” at some of the less involved players? Maybe, maybe not.

However, with the NHLPA bragging it’s never been more unified, it’s going to raise eyebrows when a player suggests others are simply burying their heads during CBA negotiations.

At any rate, Malhotra spent the 2004-05 lockout overseas, so if he’s indeed frustrated at some of his union brethren, it’s not like he can get too haughty about it.

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