NHLPA provides its take on Alberta Labour Board ruling

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While the NHL is “pleased” with the Alberta Labour Board’s decision to uphold the lockout for the Calgary Flames and Edmonton Oilers, the NHLPA shared its disappointment with the ruling.

Here is the full NHLPA press release:

“The players are obviously disappointed with today’s decision. Unfortunately, the Alberta Labour Relations Board decided not to exercise its discretion to determine whether the owners’ lockout violates Alberta law. We will consider our further options with regard to this case.

“In the meantime, the players want to play, the fans want to watch the game, and the many workers and business owners who are dependent on NHL hockey for their livelihood want the season to start. We remain committed to reaching a fair agreement at the earliest possible time and hope that the NHL begins to show a willingness to do so.”

The second paragraph of that press release includes a great deal of PR-speak.

The NHLPA begins pulling on heart strings while discussing people “dependent on NHL hockey for their livelihood” and then the release ends with the increasingly frequent “show a willingness” phrasing.

Steve Fehr claimed on Monday that the owners are only willing to meet about money-related matters on their own terms.

The two sides have engaged in meetings today, so we’ll see if there will be more delightful finger-pointing (or actual progress) to discuss.


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