NHL wins Alberta Labour Board case


The Alberta Labour Board ruled in favor of the NHL today, shooting down the NHLPA’s attempt to block the league from locking out the Calgary Flames and Edmonton Oilers, TSN reports.

This comes a little less than a month after Quebec’s board backed the NHL in a similar players’ effort regarding the Montreal Canadiens.

Click here if you’d like to read up on the hearing in PDF form.

If you’re not that desperate for a lockout diversion, The Los Angeles Times’ Helene Elliott compiled some of the highlights.

Elliott’s first excerpt from the Alberta Labour Board’s decision:

“We are of the opinion this is a case where it makes labour relations sense to exercise our discretion not to make a declaration of unlawful conduct and not to issue any remedy.”

The Alberta Labour Board also noted that it would be odd to make a decision based on just two of the NHL’s 30 franchises:

“Finally, for this Board to intervene in this dispute and declare the lockout illegal as it relates to the Alberta teams and their players (or otherwise interfere with the progress of collective bargaining on a league-wide basis) would be detrimental to the ongoing relationship between the parties and the ability of the league to function properly. The result of such an intervention by this Board would be to effectively remove the Calgary Flames and Edmonton Oilers teams and players from the league-wide collective bargaining process that the parties have historically engaged in and has been established and recognized under the NLRA.”

In other words: you two are on your own.