NHL is “pleased” with Alberta Labour Board decision


As expected, the Alberta Labour Board sided with the NHL today, blocking the NHLPA’s attempt to invalidate the lockout for the Calgary Flames and Edmonton Oilers.

Bill Daly expresses how “pleased” the NHL is with the decision in the league’s press release:

“We are pleased with the Alberta Labour Board’s ruling today that the lockout of Players is effective on a League-wide basis, including in Alberta, and we are extremely appreciative of the decisive manner in which the matter was handled.

“We are hopeful that this ruling will enable both the League and the NHL Players’ Association to focus all of our efforts and energies on negotiating a new Collective Bargaining Agreement in order to get our game and our Players back on the ice.”

That seems like a pretty civil response, although The Sports Business Journal’s Chris Botta provides an interesting read on the release:

[tweet https://twitter.com/ChrisBottaNHL/status/256144133335437312%5D

The NHLPA’s response is coming up next.


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