Cherry to players: stop bad-mouthing the owners on Twitter and in the media


Don Cherry has a message for locked-out NHL players, and he sent it today via Twitter (@CoachsCornerCBC).

According to Grapes, NHLers should “quit tweeting and talking to the media about how bad [Gary] Bettman and the owners are” since it’s only going to upset the owners and make them “more determined” to get what they want in the CBA negotiations.

The NHLPA has launched a concerted PR campaign against the NHL during the lockout, with players using whatever outlets they can – whether it’s the mainstream media or social media – to tell their side of the story.

On a number of occasions, the players have taken direct aim at the commissioner.

For example…


Whether Cherry is right and Bettman and the owners will use the players’ barbs as bulletin-board material is up for debate. But for fans, the rhetoric from each side has gotten very old. By now, everyone knows the issues. All they want to hear is that a deal is done.