Daly responds to Fehr’s salary cap warning


NHLPA boss Donald Fehr wouldn’t rule out the possibility of the salary cap itself being put on the table if the lockout drags on.

“If this goes on for an extended period of time, I don’t know what they (the players) are going to do,” Fehr said. “But I think it’s safe to say, they would be exploring all options.”

Such an action from the players would likely be seen as a non-starter in the eyes of the league and it’s already prompted a response from NHL deputy commissioner Bill Daly.

“How the PA ulitmately determines to deal with that issue(salary cap) is it’s own business,” Daly told TSN’s Gino Reda. “But it will also be very telling on the legitimacy and credibility of its claim that it wants a settlement that will get the players back on the ice quickly.”

In other words, an attempt by the union to bring down the salary cap might lead to a longer lockout. Still, before you start to prepare for the worst, it’s worth emphasizing that Fehr isn’t suggesting that the NHLPA will fight the existence of a salary cap just yet.

“If there can be an agreement in a relatively short term, which puts the pieces back together and gets the season going, I think the players can live with that,” Fehr said.