Daly: “Major economic issues aren’t on the agenda” for this week’s CBA talks


The good news is that the NHL and NHLPA will resume CBA negotiations Wednesday and Thursday in New York.

The “let’s all pull our hair out” news is that talks will focus on secondary issues, not the main sticking point of how to split up the league’s billions of dollars in revenues.

“Major economic issues aren’t on the agenda,” NHL deputy commissioner Bill Daly told USA Today on Monday via email.

Granted, there’s still time to put “major economic issues” on the agenda. It was reported last week that the NHLPA was working on a new proposal to present to the league.

But if “major economic issues” aren’t discussed Wednesday and Thursday, here’s hoping the two sides can resolve that contentious “Should each player get his own hotel room on road trips?” dispute.

Otherwise we might start worrying the entire season could be wiped out.