Online bookmaker gives even odds that Winter Classic will be canceled


There aren’t any NHL games to bet on, so instead Bovada is giving people the option to bet on the length of the lockout.

If you’re interested to see how optimistic things look from the eyes of an online bookkeeper, then it might interest you to know that they’re giving even odds that the Winter Classic will be canceled. Think that the Winter Classic will be saved? Those odds are 4/7.

Conversely, the odds of the NHL Thanksgiving Showdown proceeding as planned are even and the odds of it being canceled are 4/7.

Meanwhile, we aren’t likely to see regular season games canceled until Friday.

And as a side note, the odds of the Edmonton Oilers and the city coming to an arena agreement by the end of the year are a whopping 10/1. Want to bet on them not coming to terms this year? Sorry, it looks like that’s one bet that they won’t take.


Online bookmaker: 2/1 odds NHL cancels season