Hedberg learned many ways “to say the same thing without saying anything” from CBA talks

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New Jersey Devils netminder Johan Hedberg took part in the CBA negotiations on Friday and Sunday, according to The Bergen Record. If you’ve been following the site lately, then you know those talks were less than encouraging.

“I learned how to find 100 different words to say the same thing without saying anything,” Hedberg said.

That being said, he didn’t leave the talks with a completely negative view on how things are going. He said that the meetings were about the smaller issues rather than the elephant in the room. However, he pointed out that it was still “stuff that needs to be done to get the new CBA in order.”

Hedberg also felt there was some progress made, although “some issues were not as positive.”

At the end of the day, Hedberg doesn’t know how much longer the lockout will drag on for, but he might end up sitting in on more negotiating sessions before this is done.