Daly: NHL has already lost close to $100 million


This lockout has cost people. Ask a pair of US Senators representing New Jersey and they’d say it’s hurting “workers, businesses, and families.” Now we also know how much a canceled preseason has cost the NHL: $100 million.

“That is not going to be recouped and that’s going to cost both sides,” NHL deputy commissioner Bill Daly said, according to the Winnipeg Press. “That’s unfortunate but it’s a reality of where we are.”

With the regular season scheduled to begin Oct. 11, the NHL’s lost revenue will only continue to increase if this lockout doesn’t end.

Unnecessary lost revenue, the union might add.

“This is really important. This is a lockout they decided to have. This was a lockout of choice. There was no reason for it. Negotiations could still be ongoing,” NHLPA executive director Donald Fehr said in an ESPN report. “And so, if there’s a problem here, maybe someone ought to look in the mirror over there.”

That echoes Fehr’s pre-lockout assertions that the players would be willing to begin the 2012-13 season without a new CBA and simultaneously continue negotiations.

Meanwhile the union and league met briefly on Tuesday and “no progress” was made.