Report: NHLPA awaits league’s word for next meeting


While signs point to Monday being an off day for the two sides, an NHLPA source told Aaron Ward that the players are waiting on the league’s word on when to meet again.


The owners’ side might make a similar claim about waiting on the players before they meet again.

When specifically discussing the subject of a money-related meeting, Bill Daly told Dan Rosen that it comes down to the players.

“We need them to be scheduled as a subject of a meeting,” Daly said. “Right now the Union is not prepared to do that.”

Here are a couple ways to perceive those comments:

  • They’re both pointing fingers at each other regarding who will make the next meeting/budge first.
  • If you want to be hyper-literal, perhaps this means that the players are waiting on the owners to set the next meeting … unless it’s about money. (In that scenario, the roles would then reverse.)

Either way, it’s difficult to gauge how much – if any – progress was made after those weekend meetings.