Report: CBA talks likely to continue on Monday


Sunday’s CBA negotiations between the union and league have recently got underway, but we already have some encouraging news. It seems likely that the two sides will meet for a fourth consecutive day on Monday, according to Renaud P Lavoie and Katie Strang.

It’s still not confirmed that the Monday negotiating session will even happen, but Lavoie suggested that they will include HRR talks. The division of hockey-related revenue is one of the major issues standing in the way of a new CBA.

The new series of talks began on Friday, but they initially avoided the core economic issues and instead focused on things like player health and safety issues.

On Saturday they had what the NHLPA’s Steve Fehr referred to as a “frank exchange of views” regarding the definition of hockey-related revenue. As union boss Donald Fehr pointed out, solidifying the definition of HRR is significant because it gives them an indication of how big of a pie they’re splitting.

Donald Fehr and NHL commissioner Gary Bettman also met privately on Friday and Saturday.

We should have more information and possibly confirmation of their intentions regarding Monday later this afternoon.