Report: Glendale will review revised Coyotes arena lease plan on Tuesday


A revised version of the Phoenix Coyotes’ arena lease arrangement will be presented to Glendale’s city council on Tuesday, according to The Globe & Mail.

As discussed before, this setup would reduce the amount of money that would go to prospective owner Greg Jamison in the first five years.

For those who are click-averse, the city would pay Jamison $72 million instead of $97 million in the first five years that he would run the Coyotes. Meanwhile, the remaining 15 years of the agreement would include higher payments to match the value of the $324 million lease.

To be more specific, The Globe & Mail reports that Jamison will receive $12 or $13 million instead of $17 million during the 2013 fiscal year to help manage the team.

Whether this revised lease plan is well-received or not, a verdict isn’t expected on Tuesday. The upcoming gathering is just considered a “workshop” instead of an official meeting.

The next official meeting will happen on Oct. 9, then, according to David Shoalts.


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