Lidstrom adjusts to life as a scout

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Nicklas Lidstrom told that he’s comfortable with his decision to retire from the NHL, but what about his gig as a scout?

Detroit Red Wings GM Ken Holland shares what it felt like to transition from his playing days.

“I played nine years of pro and when [the Red Wings] said they were hiring me as a scout, I knew what a scout did but I didn’t know where to go,” Holland said. “I didn’t even know what door of the building to go in, and when I got in the building I wasn’t sure where to go to get the information. That’s a learning process.”

Mike Babcock is confident that Lidstrom will excel at identifying talent, but renowned European scout Hakan Andersson admits it could go either way.

“I don’t know if he has it in him. I don’t know if he knows himself,” Andersson said. “If he does, it’s outstanding. If he doesn’t, it’s understandable.”

Either way, the Red Wings should get something out of keeping him in the organization.

Dan Rosen reports that the team will use Lidstrom for promotional purposes in addition to his scouting role, much like retired stars in the past. The difference is that he’s likely to do most of that in Sweden, though.