The lockout has turned Ryan Malone into a goalie


With the lockout in effect and players taking part in their own practices, sometimes position changes will happen.

As Erik Erlendsson of The Tampa Tribune notes, notorious goal-crasher Ryan Malone is taking the opportunity to see how the other half lives by playing goalie.

“I don’t mind throwing the pads on once in a while,” said Malone, who did it for a practice in Ottawa in the past few seasons, swapping gear with then-goaltender Mike Smith. “And we don’t have another goalie, so it’s better than no goalie.”

The Lightning players don’t have another goalie because Anders Lindback is working out back home in Sweden. As for the lockout itself, Malone sounds as negative as many other players have lately preparing as if they might miss the season.

So how about a future in goal for Malone? Steven Stamkos says he thinks Malone, “could’ve played in the ’80s with that stand-up style.” He’s got that going for him at least, which is nice.