Randy Carlyle seems to get how the media works in Toronto


When Ron Wilson was coaching the Toronto Maple Leafs, his relationship with the rabid media there was dicey to say the least. Randy Carlyle, for the time being, seems to have a better handle on things these days.

Carlyle told the Leafs website he knows demands and expectations are a bit higher in Toronto than they were in Anaheim and he knows he has to be understanding of how things are there.

“You have to be honest and truthful, and you try to give them as much of the information that you deem necessary in the situation that you’re involved in,” Carlyle said.

“You respect the position that they’re in, be as honest as you possibly can be, and treat them the way you’d like to be treated.”

Common courtesy? Surely ye jest. Compare that to how Wilson handled things on occasion being uptight or even downright cruel to reporters and suddenly the feisty Carlyle seems like a dream.