Carcillo expects to be fully healed by next season


Few will publicly acknowledge the benefits of a work stoppage, but some NHL players rehabbing from injuries could probably use an extra month or two. Daniel Carcillo might be among them.

The Chicago Blackhawks agitator told that his surgically-repaired knee is fine structurally speaking, but he still feels a little sluggish.

“I’ve been skating some back home and structurally, my knee is great. There’s nothing wrong with it,” Carcillo said. “It’s just time to retrain everything and get it firing correctly. And that only comes with skating.”

While the lockout drags on, Carcillo said that he’s satisfied with staying up to date with the details of the negotiations and working hard to get in game shape.

The Blackhawks might be satisfied if he merely limits his time on Twitter, though.

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