Spezza will make basically nothing playing in Switzerland


For some players, playing in Europe isn’t about making back a portion of the money they’d lose if this lockout drags on. Case and point: Jason Spezza is basically working for free by agreeing to join Rapperswil-Jona Lakers in Switzerland based on an Ottawa Sun report.

Spezza’s insurance fees are reportedly $50,000 per month, which will essentially wipe out his earnings with the Lakers. Compare that to his NHL salary, which was supposed to be $8 million in 2012-13, according to Cap Geek.

“It’s more just about that I hope, when the season gets started, I can kind of hit the ground running and be feeling real good about my game, and then be ready to step in,” Spezza explained. “At this point, with exhibition games already cancelled, it’s probably going to be a shortened training camp. If I get a chance to play in some games, hopefully it will be an advantage for me.”

Spezza is tentatively expected to make his Lakers debut on Sept. 28 or 29.