Gauging the validity of Ovechkin’s pay cut threat


With the lockout in full swing, Alex Ovechkin made the bold claim that he might just stay in Russia beyond this season if the NHL pushes significant pay cuts in a new CBA.

To little surprise, the high-profile star’s words generated quite a few reactions. Here are three takes regarding his comments.

First, let’s start with a former player who went through the last lockout. Jeremy Roenick weighed in on Ovechkin’s comments, essentially dismissing them as a “union ploy.”

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On the other hand,’s Chuck Gormley explains that Ovechkin is still making quite a bit in the KHL and that the NHL should take the threat very seriously.

Finally, here is Sports Talk Live’s take on Ovechkin’s leverage and the advantages he’d enjoy staying overseas.

Which viewpoint makes the most sense to you?