Long wait could make Crosby “think pretty hard” about going overseas


Sidney Crosby discussed the lockout – and more specifically, his lockout plans – with 97.3 The Fan.

Here are some of his highlighted thoughts on possibly playing overseas, via Sports Radio Interviews.com:

“I’ll wait and see. I don’t have a hard date or anything like that,” Crosby said. “I just want to get a feel for how things move along here and hopefully there are some positive talks and some movement, and a sign that things are going to get done here.”

” … And if it seems like it’s taking a little bit more time, then I’ll have to think pretty hard about maybe going to play somewhere until they figure it out.”

A team seeking Crosby’s services would likely need to “think pretty hard” about the economic impact of bringing him on, too.

For all of the benefits he’d bring from on-ice and marketing standpoints, paying as much as $400K per month to cover his monthly insurance costs alone might give many teams cold feet.

Either way, it seems likely that Crosby will take his time to make such a decision.

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