Lockout casualties — Senators plan layoffs for some staff


Without players playing and games going on nor a sport to promote, many teams will be forced to lay off staff to cut costs. One of the first teams to do that this time around is the Ottawa Senators.

Lisa Wallace of The Globe And Mail hears from team president Cyril Leeder about what’s going on there.

“Every full-time, every part-time employee is affected by a work stoppage,” Leeder said. “On the full-time employees they’ve either been laid off temporarily or gone to a four-day work week.”

Leeder says this is the area of the job he worries most about and points out the obvious that it’s not good for anyone to have a work stoppage. No kidding.

We’re going to see more stories like this one the longer things go unsettled and while many teams have a lot of money in the bank, others obviously do not. If both sides had a reason to figure their business out fast, doing it for the others that work for their teams is a good one.