Daly and Steve Fehr to talk on Tuesday to decide when to meet again


Since the start of the lockout early Sunday morning, neither the NHL nor the NHLPA have had any talks. It appears things may change soon.

During a radio appearance on AM 590 in Toronto, NHL Deputy Commissioner says he plans on talking with NHLPA negotiator Steve  Fehr early Tuesday evening.

“We’re supposed to talk tomorrow early evening to discuss [when to meet up again],” Daly said. “I’d hope we get together this week.”

“It’s really to talk through,” Daly said. “Steve Fehr and I had lunch on Saturday, talked about a lot of the issues we’re dealing with in negotiations and really kind of generate ideas on how to move this forward.”

Yes, it’s a phone call to set up a meeting that may or may not happen but at least they’re not shutting their phones off to avoid each other. Progress?

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