Stars owner Tom Gaglardi sounds reasonable

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We’re seeing statements about the lockout coming from the players as well as the league, but maybe singularly the owners can help calm things down. They could at least if they were like Stars owner Tom Gaglardi.

Gaglardi posted a letter to Stars fans on the team’s website and while he explains the situation, he sticks to the message that the Stars will be back and he’ll keep trying to make them better while keeping the cost to go to games down.

We appreciate our fans, and your continued commitment to the Stars. We ask for your patience as the owners and players work together to establish a new agreement that is mutually beneficial to the future of hockey and the Dallas Stars.

He also mentions how he’s lowered ticket prices across the board to help make games more affordable. Considering the team’s slumping attendance even before the lockout, that’s a good plan.

One thing’s for sure, playing nice with the fans in markets that were struggling before the lockout is a really good idea.