Report: NHL wins first skirmish against union in Quebec labor fight


The Montreal Canadiens might be locked out along with the rest of the players when the current CBA expires on Saturday.

The NHLPA asked the Quebec Labor Relations Board to deem an NHL lockout illegal. However, the board decided against the NHLPA requested interim order to prevent the owners from locking out the Canadiens, reported Brenda Branswell of the Montreal Gazette.

The union’s argument is that Quebec employers can’t lock out employees unless they belong to a certified union. The NHLPA isn’t a certified union in Quebec.

The board feels that the NHLPA brought up some significant issues, but they will defer judgement for now. A full hearing will take place in the coming weeks, according RDS’ Renaud P Lavoie.

The union has also been trying to block the lockout in the province of Alberta. TSN’s Aaron Ward is reporting that the Alberta Labour Relations Board hearing has been scheduled for Sept. 21.