Marty abroad? Brodeur contemplates playing in Europe


While some veteran NHLers have little interest in playing overseas if they’re locked out, one of the league’s oldest players is of a different mindset.

According to the New York Post, Devils goalie Martin Brodeur is contemplating heading to Europe in the event of a work stoppage.

Brodeur, 40, is is the league’s oldest netminder and third-oldest player — only Teemu Selanne and Jaromir Jagr are older — but will think about plying his trade elsewhere should NHLers get locked out.

That said, he won’t think about it “right away.” While stories about NHLers looking abroad aren’t rare — more and more seem to be planning for a work stoppage — the idea of Brodeur going overseas is surprising.

He resisted the temptation during the last lockout (didn’t play anywhere in 2004-05, opting to take a break from hockey) and, based on the quotes from fellow elder statesmen, uprooting life to play in Switzerland or Russia isn’t very enticing.

Flyers defenseman Kimmo Timonen, 37, is on record saying he’d remain in the U.S. rather than play abroad, a telling decision given he partially owns a Finnish League team.

Dallas forward Ray Whitney, 40, also said he won’t play in Europe, citing his three young children and the unenviable task of packing them up and moving.

Europe also doesn’t appear to be an option for 36-year-old Edmonton winger Ryan Smyth, who said older players will have fewer opportunities abroad.

“I look at a lockout differently than somebody younger,” he said. “Even with guys going over to Europe (if there’s a lockout), I’m sure those teams would be looking at kids first.”