Crosby: Players don’t have incentive to accept NHL proposal


Sidney Crosby decided to make his voice heard on Thursday and he did so while heavily support the NHLPA.

“Basically when you look at things, it’s a partnership,” Crosby said of the relationship between the NHL and players, according to the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. “If you look at the key principles of everything, we’re showing we’re willing to move, to sacrifice things.

“If you look at (the NHL) proposal, it’s not really the same type of feeling.”

When it comes to the NHL’s latest proposal, Crosby doesn’t think there’s “really an incentive for the players.”

Concussion issues have limited Crosby to just 63 regular season contests over the last two seasons, but he’s still managed to record 103 points over that span. In 2010-11, it looked like he might have been able to set new career-highs if he had stayed healthy and it would be great to see what he could do now if he managed to play a full 82-game season.

Unfortunately, Crosby acknowledged on Thursday that the odds of avoiding a lockout are “not looking great.”

If there is a lengthy NHL lockout, Crosby will look at his other options, including the possibility of playing in Europe.