Bagels, check. Fruit, check: Hartley ready for season in Calgary


Long known as a tireless and relentless taskmaster, new Calgary head coach Bob Hartley isn’t letting the prospect of a lockout prevent him from planning Flames training camp.

Intricately planning training camp.

“Down to the smallest details,” he explained to the Calgary Herald. “We’ve got the drills planned. The sessions mapped out. We’ve even got the teams picked.

“We’ve got our flights arranged. Our practice times decided. You can ask anyone working on the staff — trainers, equipment people, medical, video guys. We’ve got to be pro-active.

“We have a checklist drawn up: Who’s in charge of the fruits, the bagels, the timekeepers, the referees, the coaches. Everything.”

Aside from checkmarking the breakfast buffet, Hartley is also attending to some hockey-related business.

He’s sent out questionnaires to various Flames players and met with “seven to 10 players” already. Some of those were subjected to two-hour meetings with Hartley, who clearly isn’t messing around after getting his first NHL gig in five years.

“We’re proceeding as if training camp is starting on time,” he said. “As if the season’s starting on time. As if it’s business as usual.”