Watch Bettman, Fehr’s press conferences


If you’ve been reading PHT today, you already know that the union and NHL met on Wednesday, but we still don’t have an agreement. However, if you’re interested in watching NHL commissioner Gary Bettman and NHLPA executive director Donald Fehr’s press conferences, you can do so below.

First up is Bettman’s conference. He said that the player’s came to the league with a proposal, but he didn’t feel that it was significantly different from the one the NHL already rejected:

The NHL did respond by making a proposal to the NHLPA. Fehr said that he still has to study it and he hopes that the NHL will take a closer look at the union’s offer.

Fehr added that he doesn’t see “any reason” why the players should accept an “absolute reduction” in players’ salary. However, they are willing to have their share of hockey-related revenues shrink as league revenues grow: