Sopel to striking Chicago teachers — Get back to work, you’re lucky to have a job


Former NHL defenseman Brent Sopel is upset that Chicago Public Schools teachers are going out on strike and thinks they should just be happy to have a job.

“CPS teachers strike during this economy. Be happy you have a job in a profession YOU chose. #wasteoftime,” Sopel tweeted Monday morning.

Not surprisingly, his tweet – which comes while the NHLPA is engaged in labor negotiations with the league – generated its share of backlash.

To which Sopel responded with: “All who would like to throw out the hockey comments because of my CPS comments just remember that hockey isn’t funded by tax payers. #truth”

And: “Go ahead and hate me because I have an opinion. I donate countless hours to charity and put my money where my mouth is. #securewithme.”

And: “Yes arenas are funded with tax payer money. Along with that they bring jobs and revenue to the cities. Gov. money doesn’t fund our pension.”

So there you go, teachers. Start bringing jobs and revenue to cities and maybe Sopel will be a little more sympathetic. But if all you’re going to do is teach kids to read and write, get back to work.