Ottawa’s below the salary floor and fine with it


With Zack Smith signed to a four-year contract extension, the Ottawa Senators don’t plan to make any additional moves, according to an Ottawa Sun report.

The problem is that they’re below the salary floor — at least as things are currently structured. Until we get a new CBA, we don’t know for sure what the cap situation will be like in 2012-13.

“We’re below and we’re not doing anything until we find out what the actual dollars will get to and we’ll have to act accordingly,” said Senators GM Bryan Murray.

Ottawa is one of eight NHL teams that Cap Geek lists as being under the floor, although half of those teams are just shy of the threshold. On the other hand, Ottawa still needs to add $2.2 million just to reach the floor, while Phoenix is a staggering $9.3 million short of the minimum.

When we finally have a new CBA, the teams that need to make moves will do so. However, until then, the Senators will wait to see what happens next.