Should Zetterberg be Detroit’s next captain?


The Detroit Red Wings face the proposition of moving on without Nicklas Lidstrom, which forces the team to find a new captain – among other things.

Brian Hedger reports that Henrik Zetterberg is the guy “most feel” should wear the “C.”

Zetterberg told Hedger that he’d be “honored” if that ended up happening.

“We’ll see what happens the next few weeks,” Zetterberg said. “If they ask, I will be honored. It’s something that you always hope you’d have a chance to do in your career, especially with a team like this in a city like this, with the past and the ownership and the history we have.”

The team has some other logical choices (perhaps fellow star forward Pavel Datsyuk), yet Jimmy Howard explains why Z might be the right choice.

“I think he’d be a little more vocal than Nick,” Howard said. “Nick was vocal when he had to be, but Nick was a lot more cerebral as a captain and just did his job to perfection. (Zetterberg) is a more vocal and emotional kind of leader.”