NHL exec Bill Daly discusses lockout, fan support and NHLPA


Gary Bettman’s right-hand man Bill Daly caught up with Mike Russo for an extensive interview, covering the CBA negotiations in detail.

His first point is that the revenue sharing issue really isn’t – or shouldn’t be – a divisive one.

“We’re not that far apart on revenue sharing. That’s what Gary’s point is,” Daly said. “That’s why we want to focus on what the right share is and how we make this business healthy going forward.”

The NHLPA has made much about the 24 percent rollback from the last lockout, yet Daly frames the revenue share discussion in an interesting way.

Daly points to the increased value of the Canadian dollar and a “not as vibrant” economy to explain why it costs more to “generate revenue.”

“So the world doesn’t stay static. It continues to move,” Daly said.

Finally, Daly responded to the notion that the owners are losing the public relations battle to the players.

“Fan perception is important to us, but at the end of the day, we have to do an economic deal that’s going to work for our clubs and our owners and our business and that’s going to make the league healthy going forward,” Daly said. “We hope to do that with the support of our fan base.”