Kings’ Westgarth: Owners’ proposals aren’t fair


Los Angeles Kings enforcer Kevin Westgarth has been heavily involved in labor talks through the summer. With a lockout looking more and more likely, he’s speaking his mind.

Westgarth spoke with Danny Picard on his show “I’m Just Sayin'” and sounded off in a big way on the NHL owners. highlighted some of the juicier thoughts to chew on, one of which takes the owners to task.

“As you said, the fans are frustrated, and I think the players are frustrated as well,” Westgarth said. “It’s something that we do want to take care of. I think the owners and the NHL got essentially everything they wanted last time, and for them to come with the variety of proposals they’ve brought so far just strictly isn’t fair. We’re looking for a fair deal just so we can get back to playing hockey.”

Westgarth also teed off on NHL commissioner Gary Bettman who essentially said the players should be paid less.

“Gary [Bettman] has said it himself, he said he feels that the owners should be paying us less. That obviously- I tend to disagree with that. It’s a league that has had record revenue the last few years. The game is just growing.”

It’s tough to argue with a guy who can both punch you while waving a Princeton education in your face.