Doan: “We have a deal worked out”


The Shane Doan contract deadline has changed frequently this summer, but he reiterated in an interview with XTRA Sports 910 that he’ll get a deal done by “midnight” on Sept. 15.

Chris Nichols transcribes some of his key quotes, starting with that deadline.

“I want everything to be done and over with,” Doan said. “I will be signed by midnight on the 15th.”

Doan said that the running is “down to two or three teams” but didn’t name them. He continues to state that he intends to stick with the Phoenix Coyotes if possible.

“My goal is to sign here … we have a deal worked out,” Doan said. “[The] focus is still with the Coyotes. It’s never, ever changed.”

He described other suitors as “phenomenally patient,” but Five For Howling points out that Doan said he’s just waiting on Glendale to sign the new ownership deal.

Still, it’s unclear what Doan’s strategy will be if the city hasn’t signed that agreement by Sept. 15.