Canucks team up with … Metallica?


The Vancouver Canucks announced that they “partnered” with Metallica to raise $35K for the Greater Vancouver Food Bank Society.

That’s a fantastic contribution to a great cause, which bolsters the less-noble cause of making really corny jokes.

Go ahead and enter your own in the comments, but here are a few groan-worthy bits to get the ball rolling:

  • Tampa Bay really needs to do this too and exploit the “Ride the Lightning” tie-ins.
  • Sure, the Canucks have their fair share of pests, but Metallica dealt with Napster.
  • Dave Mustaine couldn’t make either team!*
  • It’s a bad idea to play “Nothing else matters” while showing clips of the Stanley Cup in Vancouver.
  • A Canucks partnership has nothing on the oddness that was Metallica’s collaboration with Lou Reed.

One other bit of comments fun: match up Metallica members with Canucks/players. (Cory Schneider is so Jason Newsted.)

* – Sorry.