Bruins sign first-rounder Malcolm Subban


The Boston Bruins signed first-round draft pick Malcolm Subban to an entry-level contract today.

That takes him one step closer to a made-for-TV matchup with his brother P.K. Subban, whose Montreal Canadiens face the Bruins six times per season. (At least according to current scheduling.)

Malcolm Subban probably still has a long way to go to be the Tony to P.K.’s Phil Esposito, though.

Goalies tend to take some time to develop, and even with Tim Thomas almost certainly out of the picture, it could be a while before he receives extended NHL reps.

(On the other hand, P.K. made a quick jump – especially for a defenseman – so you never know.)

Until then, sportswriters will have to settle for less-interesting sibling vs. goalie duels such as Drew vs. Ryan Miller and Steve vs. Jonathan Bernier.