Bettman, Fehr won’t get paid during a lockout, either


Chris Johnston of The Canadian Press reports that top NHL and NHLPA execs Gary Bettman, Bill Daly and Donald Fehr won’t collect checks during a lockout.

Johnston points out that it’s a change of pace from the NHL side, as Bettman and Daly were paid during the 2004-05 work stoppage.

Daly didn’t confirm that report, but he provided some wiggle room:

” … The assumption that high-ranking league executives will continue to receive a salary during a lockout is not necessarily accurate,” Daly said.

For Fehr, it’s a common strategy.

Johnston reports that Fehr hasn’t been paid since July 1 and didn’t collect money when the MLB went on strike.

“It’s both a measure of solidarity and uniformity of interest,” Fehr said. “You want the players to understand you’re in the same boat they are — you don’t have interests different than they do. We think it’s important.”

Going a step further,’s Tim Panaccio wonders about team-by-team executives.