Martin St. Louis on lockout: “If we have to sit, we’ll sit”


Martin St. Louis remembers the last lockout well; he told Erik Erlendsson that if the players need to do much of the same, then so be it.

“Last time we lost an entire season to turn around and give them their deal, so if we have to sit we’ll sit,” St. Louis said.

Hearing from St. Louis is especially interesting because, to some, he was the face of the last lockout.

During the previous season, he collected a Hart Trophy while his Tampa Bay Lightning shocked the hockey world by winning a Stanley Cup.

Even video game fans probably associate St. Louis with that lost season, as he was the cover star for that year’s NHL2K title.

He’s no longer a top-five player in the league, but at 37, St. Louis only has so many All-Star caliber years left.

It doesn’t appear that his perspective has changed as the years have gone by, though.