Report: Sweden’s Elite League might accept NHL players after all


James Mirtle reports that the Swedish Elite League might not close off locked-out NHL players after all.

He cites the drawing power of stars like Henrik Zetterberg when discussing the SEL’s potential change of heart.

Unlike other European professional leagues, Sweden’s Elite League initially claimed that they wouldn’t allow NHL players to sign deals while they bide their time during a lockout.

IIHF communications director Szymon Szemberg passed along word from the SEL that players couldn’t sign anything less than a one-year deal, which would mean they couldn’t get out of a deal if a lockout ended.

If the SEL does change its mind, then they’d likely allow players to have “escape” or “out” clauses that would let them return to the NHL once things went back to business.

(Some players believe the season might begin around Nov. 23.)

Perhaps Zetterberg will be attainable, but the Sedin twins claim that they’ll probably practice patience if there’s a lockout.

Unless they have a change of heart, too, of course.